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professional Circuit board customization(103 million SMD marking data)

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A2 Product Information

Marking code


Package / Case SC-70,SOT-323
Pins 3
Power input
Ground input
Description Unclassified
Upload time 2021-04-12 06:33:32
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Model consultation fee: RMB 70 weipay && apliay 
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Professional Circuit board customization

Chip decryption professional chip decryption
Chip recognition Identification of unknown chip model,
SMD marking data 103 million SMD marking data
Design by sample It can be designed and improved according to the circuit sample
PCB clone 1~32 layers circuit cloning experience
Bom production Complete BOM document through component sample test
PCB sample printing 1-20 Layers PCB boards,HDI,FPC
PCB assembly sample Professional, fast and complete functional samples
PCB assembly We have invested in PCB Factory and SMT factory, which can complete PCB assembly service efficiently.
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