Development history


-provide electronic technology services for 2000+ enterprises
- completed the development of airport big data RFID technology equipment together with a group company
- not in popular demand IC research and chip SMD Marking data accumulated up to 100 million


- reached cooperative partnership with Royalstar group.
- the company's division of electronic mall “GOLON MALL” officially launched.
- enterprise name change: Shenzhen GOLON Century Electronics co., LTD.


- cooperated with a group company to complete the reverse research of military intelligence equipment.
- In September, reached a strategic partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of chip research.
- In May ,invested and set up SMT factory, electronic processing and production assembly services


- invested and established PCB factory in October, and reached strategic cooperation with Jieke
- set up chip distribution division in August, invested in independent research and development of chip mall platform
- July 1, the company headquarters moved to Shenzhen Bantian International Center


-provide electronic technology services and production supporting services for 1000+ enterprises.
-June, participated in the research and development of civil aviation radio ADSB flight data equipment, and reached cooperation with a well-known enterprise


- 30,000 microcontroller chips can be studied, and 1 million SMD Marking data of not in popular demand IC.
- not in popular demand IC, chip research, SMD Marking code data system online


-provide electronic technology services for 600+ enterprises.IC.
- member of Hubei chamber of commerce of Guangdong province, member of Yangxin chamber of commerce


- work with a well-known domestic enterprise to complete reverse engineering of aviation equipment
- member of tsinghua academy expo chamber of commerce


- participate in reverse engineering of a national defense industrial equipment project of a group
- set up chip research department, chip analysis, chip reverse research


-participated in the product r&d and production cooperation of Netherlands Inther Group
- participated in the project of CSR Zhuzhou research institute for the cooperation of reverse research
- set up GOLON International (Hong Kong) co., LTD., Shenzhen Ziqilai technology co., LTD


- to undertake circuit board copying, electronic reverse, circuit design, software and hardware development business
- GOLON PCB work room was founded by several idealistic IT person

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