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Shenzhen GOLON Century Electronics co., LTD., headquartered in the beautiful reform and opening city of Shenzhen, is located in the center of Bantian district of Shenzhen, close to Huawei. The corporation is the most powerful electronic technology service company in China, specializing in the research and technical services of electronic circuits. Its businesses include: chip research, electronic circuit reverse, circuit software/hardware design, circuit board production, electronic product assembly and production of one-stop supporting service.

As a professional chip research, circuit hardware and software development services company, with a strong scientific research team, advanced development philosophy, rich technical experience and strong technical strength. The company's core team consists of first-class reverse technical engineers, software and hardware engineers, excellent management team and senior consultants; They are craftsman talents who have been working in the chip and major technical equipment fields, such as aerospace, military and national defense, major equipment, information and communication, etc., for many years.Including the national CRRC(CSR)some major technical problems,to fill many of China’s top technology gaps.

GOLON century team always keep up with the current trend of high-tech development, will the latest technology and perfect solutions to serve customers, more than ten years, we have served a number of major projects, a number of cutting-edge technologies, accumulated a number of scientific and technological achievements. After continuous development, we now have a number of business departments:

The chip research division is involved in: chip decryption, soft patent analysis, chip reverse,IC identification and analysis, not in popular demand IC big data, internal wafer data of chips, SMD Marking big data of hundreds of millions of chips.

The circuit design division deals with hardware circuit design, software development,PCB circuit copying, and circuit board secondary development and design.

The chip distribution division involves businesses: the company's self-owned mall “GOLON MALL” is engaged in the sales of electronic components,BOM price accounting and procurement, distribution and operation of electronic components.

The electronic manufacturing division is engaged in PCB manufacturing, PCBA production, electronic product assembly, hardware and plastic mold production.

Professional shape more than a decade, GOLON’s employees, rely on the strength solve the electronic reverse research industry problems,and develop the big data system independently . Core to technology services and intelligent manufacturing services for more than 2000 small and large enterprises. At present already with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASIC,CA, and other famous enterprises to achieve strategic cooperation relations, for the cooperative enterprises to provide from the core chip research,circuit design to production supporting one-stop service, products are exported to the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Australia, Iran, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other countries and regions.

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