Competitive advantage

Service advantages

Always pay attention to customer needs, to meet customer needs is the premise of the development of GOLON. Through the establishment of a customer service-centered management system; Internal increase technology research and development investment, improve the quality of staff to meet all customer requirements.

Technical advantages

1. Have experienced circuit reverse experts, chip research experts, SMD Marking of not in popular demand components big data.

2. Have professional hardware circuit design engineers, software development engineers and strategic partners.

3. It has a complete electronic component mall system and a powerful component supply chain management system, making procurement more efficient.

Project team

1. Established electronic reverse team (electronic cloning technology, chip decryption, copyright works, patent analysis, feasibility scheme evaluation)

2. Established an electronic design team (PCB design,PCB layout, hardware circuit design, software development and design, and electronic scheme customization)

3. Established an electronic manufacturing team (PCB making,BOM accounting, components procurement,SMT, mass production and testing of PCBA)

4. Established a shell manufacturing team (hardware mold, plastic mold, mould unloading, stamping,CNC, surface treatment, injection molding... mass production processing

Keep your specification

1. Before starting the circuit design, fully understand customer needs, improve the design scheme, fully communicate to avoid repeated modifications, and improve efficiency.

2. The contract confidentiality mechanism has been established. Without the client's permission, GOLON will not provide cooperation information to the third party.

Cost advantage

1. By reducing the customer's development cycle and development times.

2. Minimize the total cost of actual customer development through forward/reverse electronic design combination technology,

3. Perfect self-owned components mall system, strictly control the quality and cost of components, so as to reduce the cost of products.

Reverse/design/plate/welding/materials one-stop

1. One-stop electronic service integrated with the whole process,

2. More than 10 years of experience in electronic reverse and PCB design and perfect combination of plate making, welding and material supply.

Service consciousness

We are willing to grow together with customers, to help more enterprises more successful!

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